Enamel Pins

6 Fun Ideas To Display Enamel Pins

6 Fun Ideas To Display Enamel Pins

Do you have a growing collection of enamel pins and need new ideas on how to wear and display them. Continue reading to see some ways you can show of your pins.


One of my favourite ways to wear enamel pins is on your collar. Just grab two pins that match or complement each other and you can dress up any outfit. These super cute unicorn pins are from UnicornPaper.


If you have a large pin collection, a big corkboard is ideal to display them (and store them!) This is a small collection of pins, click through to see all pin makers tagged. Cork boards are very affordable and can be found in craft shops and office supplies stores.


Pins can be great to decorate a bag and make it look more interesting. Stick your pins on backpacks, tote bags, ita bags, purses, etc.


Embroidery hoops are a really simple and cute way to display your pins. This adorable shiny pink hoop pin display is perfect to show off your favourite pins.


Other than wearing enamel pins yourself, you can display them on a pennant. They are a great way to show off all your pins and adds a nice touch to your home. This pastel rainbow pennant is from ClortyCatCrafts.


And the classic way to way enamel pins, on a denim jacket.
And if you need even more pins to add to your growing collection, browse our enamel pins. And tag @gooseandrabbit on instagram to show us your pin collection.
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